Allira - the girl behind the grub and the Instagram. You might not see her popping up in your feed but you can be assured she is present behind every post.

Nate - a qualified chef you’ll see his creations on the Guide. Get ready - you'll be inspired to start creating in the kitchen. 

Nate of Lebanese background and Allira from an indigenous background cooking comes naturally to the pair.

Born in Melbourne Allira made the move to Geelong 5 years ago with her now husband Nate. They would often chase the sun and work, working in places like the Gold coast & Cairns to name a few. 

Growing up with no idea what she wanted to do it was the passion that she felt from everyone in the industry that grew her love for food.

Working in amazing locations with amazing people Allira loves learning from creative and unique chefs. With no formal training Allira shows just how much you can learn from observing others.  

Busy bee Allira is also about to  embark on a new challenge, studying photography focusing on food photography and product styling.

Allira and Nate’s love for food continues to grow. Their excitement to create together in the kitchen is at the heart of their relationship. It’s all about having fun and cooking up a storm!